Dawn Stemmer – Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT® Practitioner – Integrated Hypnotherapist 

Accredited Complementary Natural Health Council (CNHC) Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindful Resilience Enhancement and Calming Interventions therapist.

My name is Dawn and I set out in 2004 to re-train as a clinical therapist specialising in cancer and palliative care using research and evidence based complementary therapies.

I offer a range of complementary and psycho-educational practices that either stand alone or may be individually tailored to each client.

I am excited about the new and dynamic future of therapy that BWRT has impacted upon and how it has begun to change the way we see, understand and use therapy today.

I was always fascinated and intrigued to know more, and understanding how the brain drives our behaviours, thoughts and feelings and impacts on our daily life moment by moment, either positively or negatively. After spending over 10 years learning and developing ways in which we can rapidly change our minds and thus change our lives in such a natural way.


Dawn Stemmer Brain Working Recursive Therapy

I use an experiential and integrative approach in my work, combining my knowledge, training, skills and personal experiences so clients receive a bespoke therapy every time they arrive for their treatment or session.

Today, I run my own private and independent therapy clinic in Haydock, St Helens as well as being an associated practitioner for two Independent Northwest Healthcare establishments.

All the therapy interventions I offer have been adapted to assist both cancer and palliative care clients, as this was my first passion when I set out to become a Complementary Therapist. I have a range of skills that can support clients with issues, such as physical, emotional and psychological problems.

I am a Brain Working Recursive Therapy® Level one and Ageing Unplugged Practitioner certified by the EICH – Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and have been trained by the founder Mr Terence Watts.

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“As a member of UKCHO (UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations) APHP was instrumental in the introduction of the Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy Training Schools as well as the latest revisions to the National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy. Being an accredited and registered member of UKCHO highlights I am both competent and a professional, that the Integrative-Hypnotherapy approaches I have been and still are today, a formative influence in the world of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy..

I continue to study and develop both my professional and clinical skills in new psychotherapy and neuropathology, continually bringing and offering to my clients and patients a new and modern focused solution therapies which have their roots firmly based in research and eveidental studies. “

* CNHC is the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Find them at http://www.cnhc.org.uk

Dawn Stemmer Brain Working Recursive Therapy - BWRT® Practitioner – Integrated Hypnotherapist

You will find me friendly, a good listener, and highly motivated to help you, if needed, to identify and achieve your goals.

    • I have the relevant qualifications and experience to work with a variety of issues, Confidence Building; Anxiety and Stress Management.

    • I am in full time private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and BWRT® Practitioner and Psycho-Educational therapist.

    • I undertake personal and  professional development on a regular basis, following a strict ethical code of conduct.

    • I have professional and public liability insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for Data Protection.

Palliative care

Offering support with issues relating to hospice & cancer care

Integrated Therapeutic Approach

I offer a bespoke solution designed specifically for your needs

Suffering from trauma


01942 356004

07734 595275

Church Road, Haydock, St Helens, WA11 0TH

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