I am a warm, supportive therapist, who has travelled my own personal journey through a range of difficult and at times traumatic events, and seeking both general medical and natural therapies to aid in my own personal health journey. I gained many years of experience working and qualifying as an Integrative Practitioner within a large, award-winning NHS multi-disciplinary health team and Complementary Interventions team, supporting and working with cancer patients, staff and carers to the hospital. Now as a private practitioner and owner of Into Health Wellbeing I provide a calm, private therapy clinic offering individuals clients comfort, non-judgmental and confidential environment for clients to explore their difficulties. I am passionate about providing a high quality, modern and cutting-edge service, individually tailored Natural Therapy services to people who are in need of empathy and support to find a positive way forward. I believe that the experience of sharing difficult and at times distressing feelings, can and is difficult and for client’s to express and share their difficult stories, need a safe and secure environment to do so, this is why I designed Into Health clinic to meet that criteria, of only one client at any one time, visiting the clinic, surrounded by tranquil gardens and no front signage that makes the reason for their visits known to others. I also believe that the experience of sharing difficult feelings: of being ‘heard’ and not judged can be liberating and empowering. As I have travelled my own difficult therapy journeys, I know how important this is to my clients and that coming to therapy of any kind; can be a scary prospect for many.


After 8 years in private practice, I have seen many clients, for many sessions and some with complex and difficult issues. They have attended diligently and made wonderful progress, but at times for me and my clients, this was a very frustrating process, and for some they could not, for many reasons, complete their recovery journey. Lack of funds, decline in other health matters, or family commitments, and I really searched out and wanted to find a quicker way to help them regain a sense of quality and well-being that they could function in a normal a way as possible for them and their abilities. And, I found just this one single approach that allowed me and my clients to transform the way they felt, behaved or even thought….

I found Terence Watts BrainWorking Recursive Therapies and after 8 months I knew I had found what I had been searching for, for over 15 years. I found the Solution to many clients problems, a natural ‘neurological’ process that they could immediately tap into and work within their own brain processes… bring to mind ‘What they Wanted’ not focus on what they did not want or still suffered from… and after only 1 or 2 sessions could feel the benefits .

Today 7 out of 10 move from being wholly dependent on the state with few choices to make, to fully re-engaging in social, education and return to work, or full-time work with a sense of feeling totally back in control and knowing they have many great choices… because after only a few sessions they get to decide and make for themselves. How they want to feel, be and behave.

How to feel calm, focused and clear

Turn your life & mind around


I help you to make the changes that you choose. Each session we will work to identify the most important issues that you feel is important to you, explore and identify the positive changes you have made and together personally structure your session to accommodate and benefit you the most.


Therapeutic Consultations

I use a wide variety of therapeutic techniques including BWRT, Hypnotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Touch Massage which have helped people find solutions and assisted them in feeling better when they felt unable to do so themselves.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy

A Fast Non hypnosis technique created for use by therapists wanting an effective method for working with clients who are seeking to make positive changes, resolve life issues and emotional problems.


Group Psycho-Educational Development Packages

Our Calm-Team package is personally designed to be educational, interactive and practical, experiential and content free group work.


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