This Transformational journey is a personal awareness and development coaching package using Psycho-educational and analytical mythologies.


I help you to make the changes that you choose. Each session we will work to identify the most important issues that you feel is important to you, such as depression, anxiety or addressing your ongoing weight issues, as well as explore and identify the positive changes you have made and together personally structure your session to accommodate and benefit you the most… I use an Integrative Approach which means you don’t get shoe horned into a generalised plan.

Personalised package


All payments are made via on-line bank transfer and full payment is required to secure all your appointments, any sessions unattended will not be refunded after the first consultation.

Suitable for clients who feel trapped, find life a struggle and unable to move forward or simply seeking to understand the reasons why they continue to feel, think or behave the way you do. Or those wanting to address their addictive behaviours, weight issues or confidence and build self-esteem.

This package offer is for one hour sessions over a 16 week period and uses the Brainworking Recursive Therapy for lasting and Rapid Resolution.

More information is available about Brain Working Recursive Therapy here

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